The Master in Space and Satellite Technoloy of the Technical University of Madrid, TU Madrid, Spain, is an international Master's Degree designed to develop students into competent and interdisciplinary engineers prepared for future engineering roles in space related industries, government agencies and business management. It has a strong emphasis on both theoretical and applied aspects, including practical hands-on lab sessions held at the most important space centers and companies involved in the master.


The TU Madrid Master in Space and Satellite Technoloy comprises a total of 60 ECTS credits divided into three Formative Modules plus one final Master Project module. It offers a comprehensive and integrated curriculum, conducted in a flexible manner to accommodate individual students needs.

The TU Madrid Master in Space and Satellite Technoloy contains the experience and expertise gained during more than a decade of teaching graduate studies on satellite communications, remote sensing and satellite navigation. As a result of this background, our Master's Program has been developed in a multidisciplinary context involving four TU Madrid Schools of Engineering and a number of international leading industrial companies located in the region of Madrid, Spain, that are top centers of space activities. Now as ever, it is our commitment and our goal to offer the best education in a practical, useful and challenging manner. All participants in the Master will have the occasion to interact with outstanding instructors and experts from both the Academia and the Industry and Space Organizations, learning from their professional experiences and working together.

After completion of all courses, students have to develop a Master Project by working together with a group of specialists in one of the participating companies or by taking part in a work group conducted by one influential senior manager who has directly led a number of key satellite projects, from the first phase to the exploitation phase. In this case, students will cooperate with each other in the development of a satellite mission analysis and will be involved with the different phases of a typical space project.

Another remarkable issue of the Master Program is its modularity, so students interested in getting an accurate specialization on a certain subject may choose to attend any of the courses offered in the Master Formative Modules. Academic credits obtained in such a way may later apply towards the Master degree. On the top of that, students who successfully pass the Master Courses and the Master Project will obtain an accredited Master's Degree in Space and Satellite Technoloy awarded by the Technical University of Madrid.




Unidad organizadora:

E.T.S.I. Aeronáuticos, E.T.S.I. de Telecomunicación

y E.U.I.T. de Telecomunicación.


En colaboración con:   

ETSI Topografía, Geodesia y Cartografía,

Facultad de Informática y EUIT Aeronáutica.